I had heard of GoFundMe! But what is it? I thought it was a joke.. But I found out that many would help me with getting the song “Sent with Love” recorded.

Rick Lawson, a friend from Facebook.. has offered to play for the song (his key fingers are on fire for God)… Heather Stallings, whose fiddle is on fire as well.. and a dear friend of Rick’s is willing to produce the entire song……

For $1500

Yes, I said it right! He’s willing to do the entire song for that.

It will be on Itunes.. as soon as it’s finished.
The song is based on my story, with my daughter Ashley Dawn… who was a fraternal twin. Those two babies.. made my world complete. I had two children from previous marriages.. and was not expecting these two little babies.

When my husband and I found out.. we were so excited and only expecting one.. God had different plans!

Ashley passed away on January 19, 2000 and it would change our lives forever.

I have first hand knowledge of what it does to the twinless twin, and it is hard. They feel lost, and rightfully so. Born into this world with your other half.. only to loose that one who makes everything make sense. I do not understand that dynamic, for I am only a singleton. I can tell you this, it is hard to watch your other child deal with the pain of loss and there is nothing you can do about it.

This is one of the many reasons, I want to finish “Sent with Love”, the song and book.. in honor of Austin’s sister Ashley.

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