Although I didn’t spend mother’s day with my mom, she will always be so very special to me.

From a young age, I could always count on my mom to be there to wipe away the tears or clean up my poo bear that I had thrown up on. Geez…’s amazing the things a mother does for us.

I think it was about 1977, when I realized just how special my mother was.. she sang in the choir at Beverly Hills Baptist Church, which Brother Howard Conaster was the pastor. He had a fondness for my mother.. he said she was an angel. He knew…

The Bronco Bowl was so big at that time.. well to me it was. I could see her up on the third row just belting out a tune. At the time, she had an Afro… and I mean AFFFRRRROOOOO…

She never gave up on God. I admire her for that. She spent mornings, noon’s and night’s instilling in me the Word of God. I may have lost my way a few times, but it is in my spirit and my soul.

My Grandmother passed away December 28, 2015 and although we miss her…she did the very same thing.. no matter what husband’s or non-believers said, my Granny was Rock Solid in her faith.

I come from a long line of strong women and I am so proud to have been raised by the best.
Love you Mom, so so much!

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