Scribes = Years of Life

When I was younger, I would find myself knee deep in a journal. I would write anything and everything I was feeling. As the years progressed, these words became more fierce and more organized. I wrote about happiness and heartbreak.I always wanted to just keep them a secret, after all… wouldn’t people see me as … Continue reading Scribes = Years of Life

The Medicine Man

I recently watched a story on Elvis Presley.. and while I was watching it.. I suddenly realized.. We have a ton in common!Addiction, family loss, insomnia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol… and the list goes on and on.I can remember being a child and hearing people crying and devastated that this man had died.. Of … Continue reading The Medicine Man

Can I just deactivate all social media?

If it was as simple as just pulling the plug, so to speak... How many of you would do it? Life has a funny way of getting IN the way! Sometimes I just want to detach myself from the phone, computer, anything device like and lay low. I mean, who decided that we had to … Continue reading Can I just deactivate all social media?

Our family adventure… with cool stops!

Over the years, my husband and I have religiously watched the Travel Channel. One day, while watching.. they showed this HUGE donut and from that day we said we had to go! We reached Round Rock and parked at the donut shop. We could not believe how difficult it was to get in and out … Continue reading Our family adventure… with cool stops!