The tale of two dad’s

My first memory of my dad was three years old. He had asked me to get him a beer. I walked over to the fridge, and got our a beer and my mom opened it. Of course, I took a sip and laughed as I handed it to him. That’s probably why I don’t like beer.

Just a PSA, my daddy didn’t allow me to do that ever again.

My dad had such a love for cars and motorcycles. He owned so many and he loved to take me and my sister for a ride on his motorcycles.

Some of these pictures are of my grandparents and uncles. My dad had many brothers and they were all so close. He was and is still a sharp dresser. He loved his shoes shined and would freak out if they got scuffed.

He’s always been in my life and I can’t imagine loosing him.

I also have a step-dad, but I call him DAD. He’s a widower now that my mother has passed and that in itself, is hard to fathom.

My dad retired from the Garland Fire Department, after 40 years. He is a flight instructor and flies our plane sunshine all over. He came into my life at the age of thirteen. He swept my mom off her feet when they met at Cowboys Bar in Dallas.

They began dating and I was not happy, but I could see how happy she was and I didn’t want to ruin it for her.

My mom and Bio dad, were married for 21 years. Something happened and they divorced. I always felt it like that marriage ended because of me.

I’m so glad my step-dad stepped in a rescued her.

This is my mom, sister and myself as a baby.
Me as a baby

I will say that this Father’s Day will be so special to me, with two dad’s. Each one of them have enriched my life, in different ways.

I know that if something happens, they would both be there to help me. They’ve always been there for me. I’m very grateful for both.

Some people don’t have a relationship with their dad. I’m very blessed to have two.

My Biological dad is turning 82 and my step-dad is turning 80 this year. Even though I lost my mom, I’m very happy I still have both of my dad’s.

My motto is “Appreciate what you have”

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