Lunchtime at Spurlock’s Malt shop

About Us

The Malt Shop was built in 1959 in Anna, Texas, with it’s familiar neon sign being the first of its kind in Anna. Since then, it has been a favorite stop for local residents and travelers. In September of 2012, my husband Michael Perez and I, Kristi Perez, began operations as Spurlock’s Malt Shop. In 1951 in Lamesa, Texas, Spurlock’s Superdog Drive-In was established by my grandparents, Gilbert and Vida Jo Spurlock. Later, my parents, Doug and LaDean Spurlock, continued the operation of the business. Their retirement in 2013 ended a 62 year history. Now in Anna, we are keeping the Spurlock legacy alive. Heading into our 64th year as a family owned business, we are still preparing the family recipes fresh daily.

They have so many varieties of malts to choose from,,, and they are all delicious!

Taking a ride to Anna, Texas on Saturday. Just my baby and me enjoying a Burger, fries and shakes.

Contact Us:

General Managers: Michael Perez & Kristi Sprulock Perez

Assistant Managers: Zakkary Perez & Mikayla Perez

504 N Powell Parkway Anna, TX 75409

(972) 924-7217

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