The Medicine Man

I recently watched a story on Elvis Presley.. and while I was watching it.. I suddenly realized.. We have a ton in common!

Addiction, family loss, insomnia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol… and the list goes on and on.

I can remember being a child and hearing people crying and devastated that this man had died.. Of course, I was brought up Baptist.. so naturally I thought they were talking about Jesus.. I mean.. why else would they be that devastated over a mere mortals death?

The Newspapers… The Television.. there wasn’t a single spot in the tiny shred of my youth, that didn’t surround Elvis Presley.. He was an icon to so many and a God to many more.. Similar to Michael Jackson, minus the alleged child abuse.

So here I am, all these years later.. watching a program about detail, by detail. What he wore, what he ate, what games he played.. the fact that he serenaded his guest at 4:30 in the morning with “Blue eyes cryin in the rain”..

How prophetic!

Really, it does tick me off when I hear people talk about how FAT he got.. FAT, really?

He aged as we all do.. He had the God awful turkey neck thing… my whole family has. But he was nowhere close to being as obese as some of his critics are… today!

He had an addiction and it stemmed from grief. The loss of his mother hit him hard, but to also know you have a twin, that passed away at birth.. Now that is hard. I understand first hand, what it’s like to watch your son bereave the loss of a twin.

My son suffers from that.

I feel like if he had people around him, that really wanted what is best for him.. he would still be alive.

I struggle with that, as I have gotten so addicted to prescription drugs.. It’s both parties fault.. I mean, we don’t have to put it in our mouths.. but the fact that it’s prescribed by a physician.. really messes with our brain..

Someone should do something.. to help!

Not all people with depression, need medication. Some, yes depending on the case.. But it has gotten so damn easy to just get whatever it is you want..

Yes, I have an addictive personality, but Thank you Baby Jesus I’m still in control.. Some of my family members, not so much!

To watch these doctors as they ultimately enable you to kill yourself slowly.. is absurd.. and highly unethical.

I think, just as in the Elvis case.. something needs to be done. I am but one human, struggling with my own grief and wanting to get better.. When I go to the doctor for help, they prescribe..

I don’t want to be hushed.. I want to be helped!

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