Can I just deactivate all social media?

If it was as simple as just pulling the plug, so to speak…

How many of you would do it?

Life has a funny way of getting IN the way! Sometimes I just want to detach myself from the phone, computer, anything device like and lay low. I mean, who decided that we had to take every call or answer every email immediately?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and the people in it, but what about a recharge. Just as our devices get plugged in for a charge, we should all unplug for a while to be the best person we can be.

It’s beneficial to our health and wellness.

Take a minute to to think about how that would work. Everything is so connected these days and to deactivate everything would be strange. I had gotten into a habit of signing in with Facebook on everything. I’ve built up all my accounts through Facebook, so what would happen if I didn’t use Facebook?

I am going to try it and see how easy it is to disconnect. After all, it can’t really hurt anything….right?

Tell me about your experiences with deactivating! I’d love to hear.

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