Over the years, my husband and I have religiously watched the Travel Channel. One day, while watching.. they showed this HUGE donut and from that day we said we had to go!

We reached Round Rock and parked at the donut shop. We could not believe how difficult it was to get in and out of the parking lot and the inside, was smaller than we anticipated. The line of cars was wrapped around the building.

It was… the HOT SPOT!

We tried to eat it all, but there was no way! It was definitely worth the stop!


Our next stop was at Doeskin Ranch. We needed to stretch our legs a little and we happened to come upon it. If you blink, you will miss it. It was fun to take pictures and go for a walk, with nothing but nature.

Our next stop was in Stonewall, Texas. We love Peach cobbler, so of course we were stopping! We tried the Peach Ice Cream!!! OMG!! It was fantastic!

san antonio (50).JPG


Feeling hungry as we made our way to Fredricksburg, Texas, we stopped in the The Auslander Restaraunt. The waitress was dressed traditionally. Food was great and we enjoyed sitting up front, by the big open window.

We all decided to do the tour of the National Museum of the Pacific War! It was super cool, to see all the planes and artifacs’. As my husband and I made our way through the museum, we came to a rather large room.  I needed to sit for a minute, so I took a seat next to a long submarine. Turns out, they started a video of the event and as I sat there and listened to the story, a feeling of overwhelming sadness engulfed me. It was as if I was feeling what they felt.

It was Powerful!!

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Yes! My sister-n-law makes every trip more fun!! Love her!

san antonio (97).JPG

I OFFICIALLY HATE CACTUS!!! I wrote my name, because this sucker left it’s mark on the palm of my hand!! My husband and son helped pull about 30 of these out of my hand!

san antonio (100)

The Alamo! We’ve been quite a few times. My husband enjoyed spending time without son, teaching him about history.

san antonio (122).JPG

This Goofball is my brother-n-law!!

This trip was so much fun! We did things as a family and made some amazing memories. If you ever get a chance to check out some of our STOPS… do so and you will enjoy it. I promise!

Til next post!


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