The new song by Kelly Clarkson, is so powerful. “I begged you to want me, but you didn’t want to.” WOW! It’s a song about her father and it’s a tear jerker. She talks about how his love isn’t free, it has to be earned.

I can relate to this…

Growing up with a father who was less than gentle, was hard. The one person that is supposed to protect you from harm, is the one causing you to hurt. There were days I just braced myself for the abuse. How do you know what to do at such a young age.
I struggled through my young adult years, feeling worthless. I mean…if my own father didn’t want me, who would?
I married at eighteen, and delivered my son two weeks later. I couldn’t imagine just abandoning him. He needed me, he trusted me..

When a man comes into your life and becomes your anchor, you don’t let him go. I never have to wonder my worth with my husband. He picked up the pieces of my broken heart over eighteen years ago.

“Piece by Piece he collected me..Piece by piece he restores my faith, that a man can be kind and a FATHER could STAY.”
When Sean made his vows, he meant them.

Looking back over the last eighteen  years, Sean has loved me and walked side by side through some of the most horrible things. The death of our daughter, was one. It changed us both.

She was our daughter, yes and she was a twin. Her brother was still here and needed us both. My husband never left..he never even thought twice about it.

I am so grateful for Sean the husband and the Father. He hugs our son and tells him daily how much he loves him. Our son never has to wonder if his Dad loves him.

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